Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Plan to introduce wild bears, wolves and lynx to the shores of Rutland Water

Good news from the Leicester Mercury:

Bears, wolves and even lynxes could be on the doorstep of Rutland Water if plans are approved. The move, if successful, would see wildlife return to the area for the first time in nearly 1,000 years.

The plan, which is to be formally proposed in the New Year, would see a new nature reserve created in Rutland’s Oakham, with 1,000 acres of land stretching from Burley Wood to the Oakham bypass transformed. 

The end result would be called Wild Rutland and could see the likes of Eurasian brown bears and lynxes, which were once native to the UK, make the reserve their home.

No, the plan doesn't belong to Lord Bonkers but to two generations of farmers, James and Joss Hanbury. I don't know if they are descendants of William Hanbury, who once had equally grand (and arguably safer) ambitions at Church Langton.

It is true, however, that Lord Bonkers wrote this in one of his most recent diary entries:

To London for the annual general meeting of the National Trust as I am seriously considering opening the gardens at the Hall to the public next year. The ill-feeling occasioned by the sudden closure of the Bonkers Hall Safari Park appears at last to have abated – really, you have one coachload of nuns involved in an unfortunate incident and you never hear the last – so perhaps it is time to dip a toe in the stately home racket again.

Later. A reader has kindly sent me the link to a Daily Mail article that tells you all about the Hanburys:
Harrow-educated hedge fund manager whose father is a friend of Prince Charles wins £110MILLION by betting Britain would vote for Brexit and the pound would tumble
  • Rising star James Hanbury guessed Britain would shock by voting Leave
  • Decided to take the risk on basis there was a lot to gain and little to lose 
  • The fund manager, 36, has doubled his clients' money in the last five years 
  • He is the son of Prince Charles's millionaire hunting pal Joss Hanbury
And so on.

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nigel hunter said...

Can you feed him to the bears when they arrive?
Oh! yes, Charles should pay tax at the hoghest rate.