Friday, December 08, 2023

Nottingham Symphony: The city in 1971

I went to Nottingham yesterday - you'll be amazed what I get up to these days - and was reminded of this film. So I'm sharing it with you.

Click on the image above to view Nottingham Symphony on the Media Archive for Central England site.

It's a wonderful scrapbook of they city, and the MACE site tells you what you are seeing scene by scene, but the date of 1969 it gives the film must be wrong, at least for some of the footage.

At 4:10 we see a cricket game at Trent Bridge. Rather wonderfully, the two Nottinghamshire batsmen at the crease are Gary Sobers and Derek Randall, but Randall did not make his county debut until 1971.

Add in the urchins collecting '1p for the guy" at 35:45, and a 1971 completion date is conclusively proved. 

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