Tuesday, December 05, 2023

The Joy of Six 1184

Armenia is facing its most precarious moment in three decades. The loss of Karabakh, a region with a centuries-old history of Armenian habitation and heritage, will reverberate for generations, says Thomas de Waal.

The two unitary authorities forged out of the wreckage of the bankrupt Northamptonshire County Council are run by many of the  Conservative politicians who did the wrecking, Now, reports Sarah Ward, those unitaries are in dispute about where the debts should land.

"Anyone working in journalism has received letters from people claiming to have evidence of a vast conspiracy against them, often handwritten in tiny scrawls over many pages. They are terribly sad, and they go straight into the bin. HarperCollins, receiving such a missive, instead decided to write the author a large cheque." Robert Hutton dissects The Plot by Nadine Dorries.

Thomas Pluck says goodbye to Shane MacGowan: "Shane also sang a duet with SinĂ©ad O’Connor, a couple years after her protest of the Catholic church child sex abuse scandal made her persona non grata in the media. ... Shane was low in '95 as well, so it makes me smile that he worked with her when she was hated, and she lifted him up after he’d been kicked out of his band."

The Duke of Wellington reviews Napoleon.

"There are still a lot of strong feelings associated with crop circles. There are some people who believe none of them are hoaxes and all are caused by some supernatural, alien means. Other people are resolute that every single one of them across the world, with the majority popping up in Wiltshire, are human creations. And then, there are some people who have been researching the crop circle phenomena themselves for years, and they believe not all circles can be attributed to high jinks in the countryside." Weird Wiltshire looks at the crop circle action in the county this year.

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