Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Charles Kennedy's return

Iain Dale has a notably fair-minded posting on this afternoon's speech:
I waited in vain for the mea culpa moment when he would apologise to his Lib Dem colleagues for the traumas he'd put them through but the moment never came. At least he can't be accused of trying to eclipse Ming.

It's quite a tricky problem for Lib Dems to decide if and when Kennedy should return to the front bench team. It's quite apparent that his popularity extends way beyond Lib Dem supporters and there will be a great temptation to bring him back sooner than might be appropriate given the circumstances.

I think Charles Kennedy might be rather enjoying his period out of the limelight. There's a lot to be said for a break from responsibility, especially if you have a new baby. He will know himself that there is no cure for his drink problem and that the longer he is free from day to day responsibilty the easier it will be to cope with it. Call me an old softie but I genuinely hope he conquers it.

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Anonymous said...

Its no surprise Iain Dale was fair minded. Wasn't the greatest Englishman and the greatest tory leader ever also parliament's greatest piss artist in living memory? (allegedly)
The sooner Charlie comes back the better.