Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Huhne the hero

Ros Taylor writes on the Guardian site:
Make no mistake: Ming Campbell didn't win today's crucial vote on tax; Chris Huhne did.

It was Huhne who anchored his leadership campaign around the need for green taxation; it was Huhne who ensured the environment was the keystone of the Liberal Democrats' new tax package, and it was Huhne who wound up the debate and secured the vote after some heartfelt defences of the 50p rate.

Today was Huhne's day, and he knows it.

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Anonymous said...

That may be true in a sense. But if the vote had been lost, it would have been Campbell, not Huhne who would have been cast in the role of looser, by the media at any rate. It's good to see Huhne and Campbell working together in this way: I didn't vote for Huhne, but I've been very impressed with his movements since the leadership contest.