Monday, September 25, 2006

Michael Brown gets two years

The BBC reports:

A millionaire businessman whose company gave the Lib Dems more than £2m has been jailed for two years after being branded "dishonest" by a judge.

Michael Brown, 40, had admitted committing perjury and making a false declaration to obtain a passport.

Let us remember Lord Bonkers' wise words (from Friday):
If anyone had it in mind to send him a cake with a file in it, I think that would be a nice gesture.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...but...yeah - but...yeahbutyeahbutyeahbut he didn't actually offer cash for a peerage or a PFI contract or anything did he? I think there has been a witch hunt cooked up by Cameron and Blair because recent Lib Dem rent boy and booze scandals have been made to look respectable by the money grubbing antics of the other parties.