Sunday, September 10, 2006

When Tom met Gordon

The Sunday Times thinks it has caught Gordon Brown with his hand in the cookie jar:

Gordon Brown met one of the key Labour rebels demanding Tony Blair’s resignation just a day before the plotters’ letter was delivered to Downing Street.

The chancellor was visited at his home in Scotland on Monday by Tom Watson, the junior defence minister who resigned last week over the failed coup to unseat Blair.
Ah, but there is an innoncent explanation:

Watson said yesterday: “I dropped a present for the new baby. I saw Gordon, but it was a purely social visit and just stayed for a cup of coffee. I did not discuss any letter and it would have been inappropriate to do so.”

A spokesman for Brown said: “He dropped in to see Fraser. There were no discussions on what was happening in London. They spent the entire time sitting in the living room with Sarah just playing with the baby.”

Yeah. Right.

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Alex Wilcock said...

By an uncanny coincidence, Mr Brown has also been unfairly labelled as chortling with glee at the impending defenestration of Mr Blair, when in fact that was merely a grin of fatherly pride in the very same baby, snapped by maliciously mendacious newspapers.

At least, that was Mr Brown’s story to Andrew Marr this morning. What a popular baby this is! Mr Brown’s mentions of his experience as a father were greater in number even than his references to sport. “I’d never realised what a chummy and likeable fellow he was,” I’m carefully led to think.