Thursday, September 14, 2006

So farewell then Sir Arthur Dodds-Parker

Back in May I discussed how many members of the 1945 Parliament are still with us. Today Iain Dale brings us the sad news that Sir Arthur Douglas Dodds-Parker has died.

If what I wrote then is true, and none of them has slipped off the perch since, then Wing-Commander Ernest Rogers Millington, (Commonwealth, later Lab, Chelmsford), Michael Foot (Lab, Plymouth Devonport), Maj. John Freeman (Lab, Watford) and David Renton (Nat Lib, Huntingdonshire) are the only people elected at the 1945 general election who are known still to be alive.

Millington won a by-election for the short-lived Commonwealth Party earlier that year, before the general election.

Later. I am told that he was always known as Sir Douglas.

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