Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Simon Hughes re-elected

The Cowley Street press release says:
Simon Hughes MP has today been re-elected unopposed as President of the Liberal Democrats. Nominations closed at noon today and Simon Hughes was the only candidate nominated. He will therefore serve for a further two years until the end of 2008.
Suz Blog is delighted (if a little confused):

Been waiting on tenterhooks since the close of nominations to know if Simon Hughes has been re-elected as the party President.

Didn't want to jump the gun until I received the news through official sources but now it's confirmed. He's been elected unopposed for a further two year term.

Personally I very pleased - didn't believe the rumours about a possible challenger for one minute.

Liberal Legend is less impressed:
Yup, I've just had official word from Cowley Street. Simon has been re-elected unopposed. Ho hum..... Consigned to two years of impotent dissidence now.

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Anonymous said...


To say I was "less than impressed" was an understatement. "Seriously pissed off" would be a better expression of my feelings tonight. I am absolutely astonished that out of 74 000+ members we have ended up with only one candidate for President.

Simon needs to massively up his game if he is to serve the party properly. If there were the opportunity to vote RON I would be putting my mark there.