Saturday, September 02, 2006

More Yorkshire leg-spin

Earlier in the summer I was writing about Adil Rashid. But he is not Yorkshire's only young, England-qualified leg-spinner.

This morning's Guardian reports on Yorkshire vs Middlesex at Scarborough:

Weather permitting - and judging by the dire forecasts, it may not - Yorkshire should complete a desperately needed victory today, after their two young leg-spinners Mark Lawson and Adil Rashid took all of their opponents' second- innings wickets in less than 50 overs.

If Lawson's return of six for 88, a career best, was the outstanding effort of the day, it was only one of a number of fine performances.

Worth a mention too is the Middlesex opening pair of Hutton and Compton. That's Ben and Nick, the grandsons of Len and Denis respectively.

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