Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Take your hands off our marrows

Residents of Pontesbury have hit back following last night's report that they have been warned not to home-grown vegetables because of contamination from old mine workings:
Geoff Manley, pictured, chairman of the Pontesbury and District Gardening Association, said many residents in the Ashford Estate area had been there for decades and shown no sign of lead poisoning.

“Our old treasurer of the gardening association, Jack Simpson, grew veg and lived in Ashford Drive, and he died at 88,” Mr Manley said.

“Jim Pugh is still up there and he is knocking on 90 and still looking well. John Taylor lives there and he is 101 and still drives his own car.
Looking at the size of Mr Manley's marrow, who's to say they are wrong?

Picture borrowed from the Shropshire Star. I am sure they will not mind after all I have done for them.

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