Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ConservativeHome gets nervous about Henley

A posting on ConservativeHome comes to our attention:

The LibDems are already gearing up. They've started a lively website, opened a campaign HQ and they plan to select their candidate on Monday.

The party is understandably focused on the Crewe campaign - as are we - but let's not delay for long. We don't want the LibDems building up a head of steam.

Read the comments too - the usual selection of the good, the mad and the ugly.


rob's uncle said...

Yes, the comments are highly recommended to get you motivated:

' . . Never underestimate the Lib Dems - there aren't many of them nowadays, but they are very sad people who will literally camp out in the constituency in order to deliver their wretched Foci, dodgy bar charts and all. As said before, they will ignore Crewe & Nantwich. They will be fighting, if not to win, at least to upset the applecart with a good swing which the left-leaning pundits will love to talk up (if be a little confused about).
Posted by: Neil Reddin | May 10, 2008 at 07:15

Perhaps this by-election is the one where the Lib Dem by-election machine runs into a brick wall at 100mph.

Its no surprise they are gearing up and there is little reason at this point to think that the CCHQ by-election ops have radically improved.

But the political landscape may well have changed - and that is what the Lib Dems need to learn in the most graphic possible way.

Putting it bluntly they need to be bitchslapped by the electorate and lose a by-election - badly - which would be in other times a classic Lib Dem opportunity.

If that happens, then the Yellow Peril will start to look a lot more like the roadkill they actually are . .

. . Nope. The national picture matters not a jot in a by-election. If the Lib Dems descend en masse with bar charts and ward-specific Focuses declaiming the achievements of the glorious ward councillor (plus "local" PPC), slagging off the Tory council and squeezing the Labour vote, then they'll grab it.

I'll bet Central Office (and the Henley Association) thinks of this as some sort of joke which can be left to the Association, they'll get their fingers burnt a la Bromley. At the same time a complacent CF-run campaign like Southall, all glossy shiny smiles and no trousers, will be just as bad.

Mock and ignore the yellow stain at your peril!'

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the Blue Peril as they stand for the rich and welthy and think of making money at the expense of working peoples...WE remember tham well..
Tories slagging off liberal minded people and keeping them supressed..sounds so familiar..

Ignore the blue stain at your peril!