Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Romania: The Curse of Lembit to strike again?

Bad news for Romanian football fans.

Super Dan Petrescu writes: Bugger.

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Ed said...

Oh dear, for the first time I find myself agreeing with Lembit over something. Thank heavens its not politics...

One of three things will happen - they will crash and burn, leaving the competition with nul point; all four teams will end up with 3 points and Romania will face the injustice of elimination without losing a match which will fit with the Romanian national psyche; or they will surprise everyone and qualify.

I'm holding out for the last option because they have a stronger team than the parochial English media gives them credit for. It will all depend on them beating France in the opening match.

Oh and the traffic is better than it was a few months ago because the local council needed to get the road works finished ahead of next week's local elections...