Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hazel Blears in "A Taste of Honey"?

This blog loves British films and trivial facts. And one of its favourite trivial facts is that Hazel Blears appeared in A Taste of Honey as a little girl.

At the time of Labour's deputy leadership election she reminisced to the Daily Mail:

"The director wanted a couple of street urchins in the film and saw me and my brother playing in the street, asked me mum if we could be in the film and, being the proud working-class woman that she is, she made absolutely sure we had our Sunday best clothes on and were all scrubbed up.

"So, if you ever see A Taste Of Honey, right at the beginning, then you'll see two of the best-dressed urchins that you're ever likely to see.

"You can see me in the opening credits. I'm wearing a tartan skirt and am bouncing a ball.

I have not seen the film, but this interview suggests that this photograph from Britmovie shows a five-year-old Hazel Blears with the film's star Rita Tushingham.

And then there's Stephen Pound in Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush...


Blognor Regis said...

Top trivia megamash. Round of applause due.

"I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice."

Anonymous said...

Directed to this post via the britblog round-up. You'll no doubt be aware of this youtube thing from her campaign making reference to the film


Hazel Blears is not a favourite of mine, and I thought you might enjoy the comment my son made about her last May (reported at http://loveandgarbage.livejournal.com/136987.html ).

"Is that Tony Blair's mum?"

he asked as she appeared chirpily on the telly.