Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mark Oaten on his future plans

Mark Oaten has left a comment on following press reports that he may resign and force a by-election in Winchester before the next election.

I am not sure it tells us much about the chances of this happening, but it does come straight from the horse's mouth.

Mark writes:

I have never responded to blog sites before but i came accross this today- imagine what it is like to have 242 messages all about what you may do next- imagine what it is like to have the same old jokes and rubbish written about my private life. Yes i screwed up but if only you knew how wrong all the blogs and internet interprtaion was- it is amazing how people just run to a conclussion and then it becomes the truth within a few days. But you all hate me so much that there is little point trying to explain you will just add more hurtfull remarks.

i have not issued any statement to the press re job

i have ofcourse been planning for after the election- tricky as it could have been last november- imagine trying to get a new job but not sure when you will be free ?
i guess that these various meetings and chats are impossable to keep private and that it why it is in the press

it does me no good to have it all in the papers and i would like to just get on with being a mp and at the sametime prepare for the future.

i can say haveing read the 242 message- not a single one is close to the mark

i have kept martin tod, chris rennard, nick clegg and the tory candidate steve brine in the picture about all of this and done my best to be open about the future but its not easy given the amount of hate towards me and the desire some people have to cause trouble. Thankfuly people in winchester remain so nice and positive despite my mistakes- i wish the lib dem bloggers and others would show the same forgivness.

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Anonymous said...

I liked what I read in this comment, apart from the reference to Steve Brine. I did not understand why he would be keeping the Conservative candidate for Winchester briefed on the question of a by-election.