Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lib Dems look set to run Derby

The Derby Evening Telegraph reports:

The Liberal Democrats were tonight on the verge of controlling Derby City Council after the Tories said no to any power-sharing agreement.

The decision was made at a group meeting of the Conservatives in the city.

The only way Labour could have held on to control of the city was if the Conservatives had agreed to work with them in exchange for seats on the cabinet as they have for the past two years.


iain said...

Well just as one Tory/Lab coalition collapses another one is set up. Press report today confirm that in Sefton a deal has been done with Labour having the casting vote in a Lab Con coalition. It too will end in tears. The council is 28 LD, 21 Lab, 18 Con

Anonymous said...

Derby Lib Dems wanted to powershare with Labour, but negotiations have broken down. They are now set to run a minority administration. It's fair to say that it's not what the Lib Dems wanted or planned for and could be very tricky for them. Having two VERY strong and experienced opposition parties is going to be rough sailing over the next two years.