Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warren Bradley re-elected as leader of Liverpool City Council

Liverpool Confidential offers a colourful account of proceedings yesterday evening.

I hope this story is true:

Once upon a time, the Lib Dems used to meet, like the other parties, at Millennium House. Then somebody realised spies has infiltrated their inner sanctum. Surely this was a job for James Bond 007?

But it turned out that because of a hyper sensitive, state-of-the-art hearing loop installed in the Lib Dem meeting rooms, hard-of-hearing opposition members, wandering around outside, could pick up the secret deliberations on their digital hearing aids.

And so it was that the action was moved, unfolding at the Town Hall, Monday night.


Tom said...

"Warren Bradley re-elected as leader of Liverpool City Council"

If the Lib Dems listened to the voters, it would have been Labour.

This is little more than contempt for democracy.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that it is indeed true.