Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I was at school with Allison Pearson of the Daily Mail

That is the sort of discovery you don't make every day.

The current Private Eye, under the headline "Porkies and Yorkies", has an article about the row between Pearson and the Duchess of York. At one point it refers to her as "the Daily Mail's Allison Pearson (née Allison Lobbett)".

Allison Lobbett? That is a distinctive and familiar name.

Pearson's Wikipedia entry confirms, that like all good people, she was born in 1960. And a UK Press Gazette page confirms that she attended Market Harborough Upper School - or the Robert Smyth School as it is now known.

When I knew Allison Lobbett she was a pleasant person. No doubt she still is, but it is a shame to see she is now doing what is required of a star Daily Mail female columnist - attacking other women for their appearance.


asquith said...

Fascinatingly enough, my sister in law teaches at the very same school. My brother applied for a job there, so they could work together, but nothing came of that.

I might add that Harborough didn't impress me on my visits there, though you'd probably say I looked in the wrong places!

Jonathan Calder said...

You looked in the wrong places.

asquith said...

Perhaps I'll come back.

Though I haven't got a car, so someone would have to take me :)