Thursday, May 29, 2008

A doomed attempt to silence Tony Greaves

From the Burnley Citizen:
Health chiefs considered taking legal action over allegations of bad management in Liberal Democrat election leaflets, it has been revealed.

Acting chief executive of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Gary Graham sent a letter to Pendle councillor Tony Greaves, branding the attacks "unacceptable" and "libellous".
But our Lord is not having any of it:
"This is clearly a clumsy attempt to shut us up and close down our campaign. But I am afraid that the weight of evidence is now so great that the case is overwhelming - they have to bring back a proper hospital to Burnley."
An appreciateive crowd sings:
He's Greaves, he's Greaves,
He's Tony, Tony Greaves.
He wears beard and sandals
And reveals NHS scandals,
He's Tony, Tony Greaves.

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