Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rare Bird: Sympathy

Another song - like Say It Aint So, Joe - that I heard once years ago and rediscovered when they invented the Internet.

Rare Bird were a band from the late sixties and early seventies with big hair and a sound driven by Hammond organ. This was their only UK hit single, reaching no. 27 in 1970. According to one website Graham Field, who wrote "Sympathy", called it “a sad little song … inspired by a tramp who cleaned my car by mistake”.

Read more about Rare Bird.

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Onlinefocus Team said...

Now, this one is making me think. I dimly remember this particular track.

But what's bugging me is that I bought a compilation album in about 1974 called "One More Chance". It had a track from all sorts of acts - Van de Graaf Generator, String Driven Thing, Monty Python, Clifford T Ward, Lindisfarne - and Rare Bird.

But I can't remember what Rare Bird track it was - and on this occasion, the internet doesn't help.

But a nice pick, Jonathan