Monday, May 26, 2008

Peter Black makes Spassky sweat

Peter Black reports the result of his game against former world chess champion Boris Spassky:
I actually lasted 23 moves before resigning in a lost position. It was fun.

Very creditable. In 1970 - playing on top board in the USSR vs Rest of the World match - Spassky beat the Danish grandmaster Bent Larsen in 17 moves.


Peter Black said...

Yes, I saw that game. I was actually very apprehensive as I used the Nimzovitch Larsen defence against him, which was the opening I always used in my competitive days. It is also worth pointing out that a number of people drew with him including one teenager and that at a previous simultanoeous display he was beaten by two nine year olds.

Anonymous said...

There is no such opening as the Nimzovitch Larsen Defence, It is a shame a place in the simul with Spassky was wasted on a politician when lots of genuine chess players would have loved the opportunity.