Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alex Hilton: "You know I can't be angry with you for long, Derek"

The post on Labourhome I wrote about the other day - the one in which Alex Hilton appeared to be complaining that he had been threatened by Derek Draper - has disappeared without any explanation. It lives on for a while in the Google cache.

Now Labourhome has a touching post that ends:

Despite our differences we have worked together on our own projects and hitherto been supportive of each other. Having agreed to disagree on MessageSpace that will now continue.

Yours in comradeship,

Alex Hilton and Derek Draper

Meanwhile, Dogstarscribe's Weblog has written in reply to my original posting. He says:

Telling Alex that hanging round with Paul Staines can damage your reputation is less of a threat than an observation.
I left a lighthearted comment saying, "It sounds a bit Dinsdale Piranha to me: 'Nice blog you’ve got here. Pity if anything happened to it'.” It has yet to appear on the blog.

Let's be charitable and assume that he is busy.

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