Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A tribute to Colin Rosenstiel

Colin Rosenstiel has been in the headlines today - such as "999 Shame of Council Jobsworth" in the Daily Mirror - over an unfortunate incident involving his bicycle and an ambulance.

Now Disgruntled Radical has awoken to pay tribute to the man:

Cllr. Rosenstiel once argued with a policeman who told him he couldn't ride down Burleigh Street in Cambridge because it was one-way. "No it isn't" said Colin, "It's just no entry at that end and I walked in." Colin went on to dumbfound the poor copper telling him that he (Colin) was on the relevant council committee and he knew about these things.

Colin also challenged a police undercover operation when plain-clothes detectives posed as council workman outside a suspected terrorist's house, telling them that his committee had not arranged any such road works.

All right, that's not true. It's a scene in Tom Sharpe's Wilt but I bet Tom Sharpe based it on Colin.

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