Friday, February 06, 2009

Two lines of movie dialogue to identify

The Great Liberal England Movie Dialogue Quiz is almost finished.

There are just two more lines of dialogue to identify:

Film 7
Vindaloo. Evil. It's a beast of a curry, yea, it's a real wicked bitch. Pilau rice, sweet rice, yellow rice. Rice is rice, and forever more shall be so. Potatoes with cabbage. Bombay sag potatoes. Have you ever had 'em? Beautiful. I promise you.

Film 16
Ye can't feed a dog on the dole, and ye can't feed a family either.

Copious clues can be found in the comments on the original posting. Please leave your best guess as to which film these come from there.


HE Elsom said...

I had a flashback about the line from Once upon at time in the west. It's not comic at all, although it is about the contagion of violence. "This one" is the boy who has come out of the house to find his father and brothers murdered by Henry Fonda's thugs (all wearing brown dusters). Frank -- Fonda -- replies "As you've said my name you'll have to kill him too." I think that's where we first see the cold blue eyes and realise that it's Henry Fonda. Chilling.

Richard Gadsden said...

Having just cheated, I'm stunned at the answer to 16.

Jonathan Calder said...

Yes, it's a far less sentimental film than people imagine.

HE Elsom said...

Lassie? I'm struggling for a British boy-and-dog film, unless somebody did one of Black Bob that I missed.

Jonathan Calder said...

Lassie Come Home to be precise, but I'll give it to you.

One of those interesting films set in England but made in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I find myself becoming obsessed about a quiz question, as a last resort I turn to Google and invariably get there in the end if there are enough clues splashed around.I havn't seen what I now suppose to be no.7 but it sounds worth the effort and more like the sort of thing I'd imagine you would enjoy than Lassie---but then I suspect I've never seen that either, just too many subsequent TV rip-offs.