Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lord Bonkers' Favourite XI: 9. Simon Hughes

9. Simon Hughes
There are many clergymen who have achieved eminence at cricket; one thinks of David Sheppard, Andrew Wingfield Digby and Archbishop Makarios. Funnily enough, the Revd Hughes is not one of them.

When I appointed him to the living at St Asquith’s upon the assumption that he was the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Middlesex opening bowler who had performed well for me on many occasions. He turned out to be quite another chap. I have never held this against the Revd, but it is the other fellow who makes my XI.

Earlier selections:
  1. Len Hutton
  2. C.B. Fry
  3. David Steel
  4. Violent Bonham-Carter
  5. Mike Brearley
  6. L.T. Hobhouse
  7. Paul Keetch
  8. Nancy Seear


Frank Little said...

8. Simon Hughes
8. Nancy Seear

Shum mishtake here?

Jonathan Calder said...

I suspect Lord B was hoping to field 12 players if the umpires were not on the ball.

I have demoted Hughes to no. 9.