Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Horse riding and taking drugs

This evening I am writing my House Points column for Friday's Liberal Democrat News.

It is about Professor David Nutt's observation about the relative dangerousness of riding horses and taking ecstasy. And Lord Bonkers' recent tweet (he is on Twitter as lordbonkers) suggesting riding may be more dangerous if the horse has been taking the drug will feature in some form. (Later. It does.)

This incident has reminded me of a Steve Winwood story - I think it comes from Simon Napier Bell - that I probably won't have room for.

Traffic were playing outside their cottage in Berkshire when the local hunt rode past. One of the horsemen rode over to them, and the band expected him to complain they were making too much noise and disturbing the hounds.

Instead, he said: "I say, you chaps haven't got any speed have you?"


Jock Coats said...

I have to agree - trying to ride a loved up horse would be a bit problematic. All that crying, empathy and hugs - quite crushing! And if it's been on a heavy night and had a Viagara afterwards, I would stay well away.

But I hear Ketamine is quite good for a frisky one!

(I'd be interested to see if that gets thrugh a spam checker...:)

Jock Coats said...

That's what you might call an "Equasy dealer"...:)

I can see a whole new market in spam e-mails. "Get your hrose ruding here $25"