Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quentin Letts praises David Howarth

Tomorrow's Commons sketch by Quentin Letts has just gone up on the Daily Mail website:

The Tories' Dominic Grieve huffed a great deal but was torpedoed by derision when he eventually said he agreed with Mr Straw's decision.

A steelier, stiffer speech came from the Lib Dems' Rumpolian David Howarth, who said that we weren't interested in knowing which Cabinet ministers said what.

We were interested in knowing whether or not there had been ANY discussion of the war decision.

This was about 'a momentous, controversial and disastrous decision to go to war and the collapse-of Cabinet Government under Mr Blair,' said Mr Howarth. Devastating.

"Rumpolian" is a pleasing adjective, and a Google search suggests it is catching on. I shall start using it myself.

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