Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why visit Croydon?

The Daily Telegraph reports that the tourist information centre in Croydon is to close:
Steve Hollands, council cabinet member for culture and sport, said: "It's always been considered a little odd that Croydon's tourist information centre should have so much emphasis on places that you can visit by getting away from Croydon rather than focusing on what's actually available locally.
It doesn't seem odd if you've been to Croydon.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Our readers here at the Croydon Advertiser don't agree there's nothing to see in Croydon, and they've helped us draw up this map of local tourist attractions:

Anonymous said...

I too don't know why people don't want to go to the murder/stabbing capital of South London!

David said...

I had the oddest evening visiting Croydon the night Bill Pitt was elected (odd enough, if you like). I had dinner with Lord Beaumont (then Liberal now Green) and an assortment of Frenchmen from the Radicaux de Gauche, whom we thought might be more Liberal than our official partners, the Giscardiens (they weren't much better). It was hard to hear the bye-election results as the National Front kept shouting.

Tom Barney said...

Follow the River Wandle - it's a very fine walk.