Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jonathan Davies has a blog

Read him:
The bookies have made Wales 5-1 on for tomorrow’s game, which is just ridiculous. It’s going to be a lot closer than many people think.

You’ve got to remember that the best team doesn’t always win a rugby game and England will raise the level of their play to match their opponents, so last week’s game against Italy isn’t a necessarily an indicator of what will happen tomorrow.

It’s going to be a very physical game and England will be very abrasive. They’re likely to play a spoiling game and Tindall will give them the opportunity to break through the game line. Meanwhile, Sackey, Cueto and Armitage are a real threat and are all capable of snatching tries at any time.

But, if Wales step up the pace from the Scotland game and continue to improve in the set piece they should come out ahead, but it’s going to be a lot closer than most people are predicting.

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Hywel said...

I'm certain Martin Johnson doesn't go to Wales to get beaten!

I get nervous everytime the idea of a Welsh walkover is mentioned or implied. Sport doesn't work out that way. England were meant to win the grand slam deciders easily against Wales (99), Scotland (90 and 00)