Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lord Bonkers' Favourite XI is complete

If you think this has dragged on, just wait until Lord B chooses his XV and reserves to tour Down Under this summer.

Here is the full team:

Len Hutton
C.B. Fry
David Steel
Violent Bonham-Carter
Mike Brearley
L.T. Hobhouse
Paul Keetch
Nancy Seear
Simon Hughes
Phil Willis

And Lord Bonkers has asked me to add:
So there you have it: Lord Bonkers’ finest XI. Let us not, however, forget the contribution that many make from beyond the boundary rope.
I think, in particular, of Meadowcroft’s sterling work as groundsman, of Miss Fearn’s delicious teas and of the Well-Behaved Orphans who swarm up and down the ladders all day to work the scoreboard.
With their help, and that of our trusty scorer Mr Bernie Madoff, I have no doubt that this team would be hard indeed to beat.

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Anonymous said...

As a regular and very appreciative reader of LE, I must say that this series has been a rather tedious interlude. Your comments on Giles Clarke today, on the other hand, are spot-on!