Sunday, November 01, 2009

Leading Scots Lib Dems to attend first Bloggers Unconference

Word reaches us that some big names will be looking in on the first Lib Dem Bloggers Unconference in Edinburgh on 21 November.

They include Tavish Scott, John Barrett, Mike Crockart (newly selected PPC for Edinburgh West) and Jo Swinson.

We hope this will be the first of many informal get-togethers for Liberal Democrat bloggers. Further details on Liberal Democrat Voice.


Stephen Glenn said...

Of course the top Scottish Bloggers myself and Caron (even if she returns to her sick bed for the following week) will also be there.

Andrew Reeves said...

Mike Crockart isn't a definite yet, but we are hoping he and Willie Rennie will alos be popping in.

I will be there all day too, but I'm not as exciting (yet) as Stephen and Caron :-)