Sunday, May 08, 2011

BBC: Kirsty Williams has not ruled out working with Labour in Wales

BBC News reports that talks are taking place to explore the possibility of a coalition government in Wales after Labour fell just short of winning a majority last week:
Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams told BBC Wales she has not ruled out working with Labour.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats want there to be a stable government over the next five years and we want to concentrate on the issues we've been campaigning on, how can we strengthen the Welsh economy, how can we improve education results for our children and how can we cut waiting times.

"Whether that's part of government or opposition these will continue to be the main thrust of the work of the Welsh Liberal Democrats," she said.
Interesting, but a minority Labour administration or a deal between Labour and Plaid Cymru both look more likely.


Peter Black said...

On what evidence does a deal with Plaid Cymru look more likely?

Jonathan Calder said...


1) Labour and Plaid have worked together reasonabl amicably in the past.

2) A deal with Labour in Wales would be helpful to the Lib Dems across Britain in showing that they are not so close to the Tories. I therefore judge Labour is unlikely to give us such a deal.

James said...

Is there a chance of a rainbow coalition to keep Labour out?