Thursday, May 19, 2011

Six of the Best 160

Some words of wisdom of Kenneth Clarke's travails from Welcome to Spiderplant Land.

Liberal Landslide writes on the consolations of losing elections: "Since the polls closed on the 5th of May, I’ve carried with me a sense of overwhelming liberation."

Writing on the Daily Telegraph site, Ed West pays tribute to the former taoiseach Dr Garret FitzGerald,: "Generally regarded as the nicest man in Irish politics, FitzGerald was often outfoxed by his more cunning rival Charlie Haughey, but was all the more loved for it. FitzGerald had a vision of a more liberal, wealthy and outward-looking Ireland that came to pass, and part of this vision was a non-sectarian society at ease with its neighbour. This he helped achieve, and it is strangely fitting that he passes away during its symbolic reconciliation."

The Philosophy Shop is and educational charity set up to introduce primary and secondary school-age children to philosophy. Read all about it on

"The Middle East's restive countries are experiencing everything from measured success to incipient civil war." Foreign Policy has a country-by-country guide to the progress of the Arab Spring.

Enjoy a wonderful 360° panorama of Wilton's Music Hall in Tower Hamlets, thanks to Spherical Images.

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