Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Six of the Best 158

David Willetts' scheme to allow universities to create extra places unsupported by state finance, for which could charge the full international student fee, was an interesting idea but almost certainly a very bad one. So Free Radical argued earlier today, before the plan was disowned by David Cameron.

Stephen Glenn, on Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland, pays tribute to David Cairns, the Labour MP for Inverclyde, who died earlier today.

Political Valley is pleased that all Birmingham's travel-tracking spy cameras are to be taken down.

"The SNP today faces the same problem as the PQ did – running a government while making uncompromised choices that risk party splits. Nine years after his initial triumph, René Lévesque was forced to resign as PQ leader and Quebec Premier because of party divisions over sovereignty and the economy. Like Salmond now, Lévesque then was grappling with a recession." Writing on British Politics and Policy at LSE, Françoise Boucek argues that Alex Salmond must learn from the failure of the Parti Québécois in Canada.

On Liberal Conspiracy, Lucy James asks why Anjem Choudary has been invited to speak at the Hay philosophy festival.

"For people of a certain age Jack Warner was ... a figure of probity in British national life.  His cheery, 'Evening all' as we turned on to Dixon of Dock Green spoke of a Britain of close knit communities, and low level scampiness with little in the way of murders ... or corruption," writes Love and Garbage. So he is dismayed at today's revelations about corruption in international football. Lord Bonkers writes: Are you sure he has got this right?

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