Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clipston: The most beautiful primary school in England?

Who needs the Cotswolds? This is the grammar school and hospital designed and built by Matthew Cole of Clipston between 1667 and 1673. It is still in use as the village primary school.

Pevsner records of the three bays:
Originally the centre had the headmaster's lodging on the ground floor, the school-room on the first, and the hospital, which was for twelve men, occupied the two wings.
He also says that the frontage is in its original state, but the interior and back were completely remodelled in 1926.

The school fete, indicated by some delightfully homemade bunting, was taking place when I arrived, so I was able to have a nose around the back of the building and enjoy a cup of tea.

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Barbara Brewin née Hancock said...

This wonderful school has to be the best. I was there from 1949 to 1957 and loved every minute of it. Strict but fair teachers. mr Cartmel Mr Clifford, Mrs Newby and Mrs Maguire. We had Mr Maddock's alladins cave of sweets next door. Had to have. Ration coupons to but them.

So proud to have bn a part of this.