Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chris Huhne has achieved more in a year than most top politicians manage in a lifetime

Not my judgement, but that of Geoffrey Lean, the environmental correspondent of the Daily Telegraph:
For a man with a sword of Damocles hanging over his head, Chris Huhne ... has been playing a blinder. Over the last two weeks, as the crisis he faces steadily deepened, he has been the driving force behind two of the most momentous decisions any administration has taken, ones that could shape Britain’s economic development for the rest of the century, and beyond.

Last week the government adopted the world-beating goal of cutting carbon emissions to half 1990 levels by 2025. No other country, as Nick Clegg put it, “has set legally-binding targets in this much detail, so far ahead”. And then yesterday it announced that it was setting up an effective, independent, statutorily-based, Green Investment Bank, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Taken together, they seem set to make David Cameron’s pledge to run “the greenest government ever” – which was in danger of becoming a national joke – a sober reality.


None of the above said...

yes, all very good.

shame the lying, deceitful huhne is on borrowed time. Just why do these people think they don't have to answer to anyone?

Yeah, I know he's not been found guilty (you reckon he didn't do it?...LOL!)

dreamingspire said...

Or maybe he's the best of the leaders that the Lib Dems never had. Certainly a wise Alderman here (sadly deceased this year) thought that.