Friday, May 06, 2011

Six of the Best 157

I have just got back from Glasgow. Rather than attempt to offer my own analysis of the election, I thought I would offer a selection of comment from within the party...

Let's start with the cheerful Stephen Tall on Liberal Democrat Voice: "I think we can now more or less officially say: these results are a disaster for the Lib Dems, worse than most of us had feared they could be."

Splash Blog! won't like my choice of graphic: "As Churchillian as ‘keep calm and carry on’ might sound, that would be simply the wrong approach to this debacle."

"I still see this Coalition Government as a great improvement on the government of Gordon Brown. I still see it as being good for Britain and good for the Liberal Democrats that we are in government. I remain convinced that, between now and May 2015, people can be persuaded of the merits of what has been achieved by the Liberal Democrats in government. " Matthew Harris strikes a more optimistic note.

More comfort comes from Strategem XXXVIII: "The alternative vote system would have been a disaster for the Liberal Democrats."

Mark Cole analyses the results in Wales in general and Ceredigion in particular.

And Disgruntled Radical puts it simply: "Time now to show that we are different. Coalition -yes, Cosmetic for the Tories - No.

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