Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dirty tricks in the Leicester South by-election

Poltical Scrapbook reports:
The Leicester South by-election has turned dirty. A leaflet purporting to be from the Liberal Democrats and featuring a picture of two men kissing has been distributed in an Asian area of the city. The materials, which campaign organisers have confirmed as fake, are clearly an attempt to inflame anti-gay sentiment in the largely Muslim Spinney Hills area.

The leaflet [full size] features a version of the party’s equality policies as channelled by the Daily Mail. If the lack of an imprint (text required by electoral law) or contact details doesn’t raise suspicions, the text erroneously describe former Treasury Secretary David Laws and Simon Hughes as front benchers:

“We will force all schools to teach homosexuality as normal … Our front bench team Simon Hughes and David Laws are committed homosexuals, while Nick Clegg was recently voted by readers of Pink Times as the sexiest party leader.”
Political Scrapbook, which reproduces the whole leaflet, reminds us that a similiar dirty trick was played in the 2004 Leicester South by-election, which was won by the Liberal Democrats.

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Mark said...

Dirty tricks at a by-election?

Who'd have thought it.

'Sowing and reaping' comes to mind.