Tuesday, May 03, 2011

UKIP's Leicester South candidate talks to himself

We have seen how Abhijit Pandya, UKIP's candidate in this week's Leicester South by-election, wrote about the city's Muslim community on his blog earlier in this campaign:
A removal of multi-culturalism and assimilation of these people needs to done to save them from the abyss of exclusion and welfare. Above all, one should not shy away of contemplating forced repatriation, or threatening it to further assimilation, as a result of their lack of economic contribution to the UK.
And then issued a statement apologising for the use of the phrase "forced repatriation":
This does not accurately convey the point I was trying to make and is not in any way part of UKIP policy.
Having seen enough of Pandya in action, the Leicester Mercury wrote an editorial calling on people not to vote UKIP under the headline UKIP shows itself as silly and nasty.

Cue outrage from Pandya, who turned up at the Mercury's office demanding to talk to the paper's editor or political editor. Unfortunately he turned up there on Sunday morning when, predictably, there was no one there.

So Pandaya recorded the video above, which features him making his case to... no one.

Before you dismiss Pandaya as a booby or rogue candidate, remember that he claims to be UKIP's "Head of Research".

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David J said...

Pandya is hilarious - it is like watching something out of League of Gentlemen.