Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't let Guido Fawkes waste your evening

Mark Pack had a good post on Lib Dem Voice yesterday evening exposing a silly one by Guido Fawkes.
In his anxiety to kick Chris Huhne while he is down, Fawkes made some allegations about his return of expenses for the last general election. Mark took the trouble to show that these allegations are nonsense, but my overall impression is that the Fawkes post is dull.

Why is a blog that used to run important stories now banging on about Manilla envelopes? Shouldn't Guido Fawkes be leading the way rather than wheezing at the back of the pack?

Besides, someone learnt yesterday that you must sometimes take what you read on that blog (whoever writes it these days) with a pinch of salt.

Yesterday, under the heading + + + Eastleigh LibDems Holding Emergency Meeting + + + Guido Fawkes confidently announced:
Guido has just heard they are holding an unscheduled meeting right now as we go to pixel. There is so much for Huhne’s local party to talk about this evening.
At least one person had a wasted journey as a result, as this tweet from ITV journalist Chris Ship proves...


Jack said...

I would have thought it'd be illegal to have a party meeting in a taxpayer funded office?

Guido Fawkes said...

The BBC managed to find it.

Guido Fawkes said...

FYI BBC's Peter Henley was waiting for Huhne at the Eastleigh Civic Centre LD meeting.

Jonathan Calder said...

Sorry, Guido, but you are completely wrong on this one. Time to look for some more reliable sources?