Sunday, May 01, 2011

Six good reasons to vote Liberal Democrat in Harborough

From our latest leaflet:
Harborough District Council under our control would...

  • Immediately investigate the possible reopening of closed public toilets.
  • Ensure that everything possible is done to tackle the impact of Airfield Farm should it proceed - why should existing communities have to suffer?
  • End grand schemes to build new council offices and buy land, use council reserves instead to invest in front-line services.
  • Investigate the removal of car park charges on Bank Holidays to encourage visitors.
  • Seek to move from the current Executive system at the council, replacing it with the more accessible and accountable committee system. People are fed up with decisions being made behind closed doors rather than in public. We would make the council more open.
  • Introduce kerbside plastic recycling collection and further increase recycling.
The fifth reason is a particularly strong one.

Ironically, the "modernised" Executive system, brought in with encouragement from Blair's Labour government, took the council back to the ethos that I caught the very end of when I was first elected in 1986. Then, too, a small clique of Tory councillors from one party took all the important decisions with limited scrutiny from other councillors or the public.


Anonymous said...

One good reason not to.... the Liberal Democrat's sold out to the Conservatives because they were greedy for power. They put this greed before their ideals and lied to the people that voted for them. You can't trust a Liberal Democrat while they continue to do the work of their Conservative pay masters. And this from is from a formerLiberal Democrat that has voted for them for 20 years.

Jonathan Calder said...

You may be a former Liberal Democrat, but you do sound very like a Labour troll.

Anonymous said...

Really. I have voted Liberal Democrat from the day I met David Steel when I saw him talking, at what was Brighton Polytechnic. I'm Liberal Democrat but I would never have gone to bed with the Conservative party or the Labour party. We have our own politics and identify. The party lied to the people that voted for them and I feel cheated.

I feel so insulted you would consider me a troll. I have been a life long Liberal Democrat supporter. It is slander calling me a Labour troll.

Anonymous said...

You have to understand labeling some of your core supporters at the ballot box as Labour trolls is not acceptable because we think the leadership is selling out to the Conservative Party. We believe in the party and we put our trust in it. We feel cheated. I know that local politics is not the same as national politics but where I live there is nothing to chose between the two parties. Both are set to ruin the area we live in. There is no choice. It is just a different label.

I'm not going at you, just at the party, We have lost our way and we will lose votes. This election will be a disaster and rightly so,

Be truthful you know that too?

Jonathan Calder said...

David Steel spent his life trying to get the Liberal Party into deals, pacts and coalitions.

The Liberal Democracts are not in the "pay" of the Conservatives. Indeed, the party has lost a lot of public money by going into government.

crewegwyn said...

"I would never have gone to bed with the Conservative Party or the Labour Party"

Presumably your answer to the General Election outcome would have been a prolonged period of uncertainty, possibly followed by an early election, with all the resulting impact on our financial standing.

Anonymous said...

Well the people think we are in the pay of the conservatives party and so do some of the party. We have been punished for being liars. The people have got it right. We deserved what happened. You can't lie and get away with it, however good we are in local politics.