Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Boris Johnson called phone-hacking allegations "codswallop"

We have done David Cameron and Jenny Jones, so we may as well see Boris Johnson making a fool of himself over phone-hacking too.

Here he is as reported by Dave Hill for the Guardian last September:
Boris Johnson today dismissed continuing concerns over the News of the World's use of phone hacking as "codswallop" that "looks like a politically motivated put-up job by the Labour party".

Speaking at his monthly grilling by the London assembly, the mayor of London – who was warned by police in 2006 that he'd had his voicemail accessed, and was chair of the Metropolitan police authority (MPA) when the Guardian revealed last year that much larger numbers of people might have been by affected than had initially been known – insisted that he was "satisfied" by the Met's investigation of the matter.

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