Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jonathan May-Bowles commits ritual suicide with custard pie

In 1970 the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima ritually disembowelled himself following the failure of his attempt at a nationalist coup. Today at Westminster the soi-disant comedian Jonathan May-Bowles achieved something similar with a custard pie - albeit with the assistance of a tasty left hook from Mrs Murdoch.

You can say that May-Bowles is an idiot who ensured that the Murdoch would receive sympathetic headlines after their interrogation by the select committee. You can call him another Charlie Gilmour. You can suspect that he is about as funny as athlete's foot or Aaron Barschak.

But I prefer to be charitable and assume that his act of ritual immolation with his own custard pie was a selfless protest against what Britain has allowed itself to become by pandering to the Murdochs, carried out with an instrument that harks back to the best comedic traditions of our national life.


Anonymous said...


Just another simpering middle-class twat with a guilt complex. You could almost have predicted the double-barrelled surname.

Bill Hicks had righteous indignation. He's just an unfunny wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary by "Anonymous". What a tosser this Mr Pastry-May-Bowles is. Whether you love or loathe the Murdoch empire, this was no way to treat this hearing, nor an 80-year-old man, nor the UK Parliament, nor the UK public wanting to hear what the Messrs Murdoch had to say. At moments like this it's almost a shame we don't have a Ceaucescu-esque regime in this country to deal with w*kers like this chequered fool.

Patrick, London

Anonymous said...

he pied Murdoch and missed, but no one in their right mind has sympathy for the c*** and most likely wishes Bowles had delivered on target rather than making a mess of it. Murdoch deserves a bullet in the head, not a pie.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if May-Bowles will receive a hagiography in the Telegraph, like this one:


Matt said...

I know! Let's all get together and hit Mr May-Bowles' father! He's the same age as Mr Murdoch!

No, it'll be OK! Because it will be a relevant piece of ironic agit-prop, anarcho-syndicalist street theatre, cum-bashing up of an old codger!

Mr May-Bowles will approve of this act, as he has form for attacking elderly persons in this way! He might even be such a sport as to hold your jacket whilst you pie his dad!

Manfarang said...

Many a true word is said in jest.
It may not be ritual.