Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Six of the Best 176

As Neil Monnery points out, James Brokenshire's plan to retain the DNA records of innocent people goes against the Data Protection Act, European human rights legislation and the Coalition agreement.

Is lower and slower economic growth such a bad thing? asks The Yellow Bastard.

Welcome to Spiderplant Land has been volunteering on an archaeological dig: "It was a fantastic experience and I wish I could go into more detail about the site and its history but out of respect for the work that the team are doing now and in the future, I must respect their wishes not to name the site. I may be able to do this at a later date when the site is closed but not as yet."

More modern ruins are the concern of Dark Roasted Blend, which visits the failing steel town on Gary, Indiana.

And Sibling of Daedalus looks at wartime ruins: colour photographs and video of London in the Blitz.

Let's end with something in a rather better state of preservation. Austin Rathe discovers the Nottingham Arboretum: "Well, it's lovely. Smaller than most of Nottingham's more well know parks but much more interesting, the contract to the next door Forest recreation ground could not be more stark, the Arboretum has a lovely mix of grounds, trees, sun and shade. I snapped a few photos, and would recommend you visit if you have half an hour to kill in Nottingham."

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