Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Deighton Family: Travelling Light

They are not quite The Watersons, but while we are talking of musical Yorkshire families we may as well mention the Deightons too.

I remember seeing them playing Travelling Light on television in the 1980s (I think it was a daytime programme it cannot have been the performance in this video), rather liking their home-made feel and feeling a little guilty about it.

Then I discovered that their second LP, Acoustic Music to Suit Most Occasions, had been named Record of the Year by National Public Radio in America and felt vindicated. You can read a bit more about them at All Music.

I cannot recall coming across them after that. There are a number of songs from a Deighton Family "reunion" on Youtube (one is The Girl form the North Country Fair), so I suspect that was because they broke up.

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