Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Johann Hari and Jeffrey Archer

It seems small potatoes now, but when Harigate broke I mentioned that Johann Hari once worked as a researcher for Jeffrey Archer. I was not able to find a source for this fact on the net, which I remembered from an old Private Eye.

The new Eye helpfully reprints the item I remembered, which turned out to date from August 2007:
A litte known fact about the 28-year-old Indie pundit Johann Hari is that he used to work for Jeffrey Archer ... assisting the great fabulist with his novel Sons of Fortune.
Very unfairly, that item went on to add:
The boy-wonder clearly learned from the master.

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Anonymous said...

No need to look on the internet - the first volume of Archer's Prison Diary (published in 2002) refers to 'my young researcher, Johann Hari'