Sunday, July 17, 2011

Detroit Emeralds: Feel the Need

It is time to venture again into the desert that was the 1973 UK singles chart - and it could worse for two or three years after that.

I liked this single at the time, though I had to look it up to be certain that the singers were the Detroit Emeralds and not the Detroit Spinners, who enjoyed chart success that year too.

It turns out the Detroit Emeralds, like General MacArthur and Bill Clinton originally came from Little Rock, Arkansas. This song, which reached the top five of the UK chart in 1973, finds more gentle Detroit soul (though they were never with Motown) shading into disco.


Anonymous said...

So why is the post titled the "Detroit Spinners".

(expect I am missig an ironic joke)

Jonathan Calder said...

Because I was thinking "Don't type 'Detroit Spinners', Don't type 'Detroit Spinners'" so hard that I typed it.