Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Green Mayoral candidate opposed phone-hacking investigation

It wasn't only David Cameron who got it wrong on phone hacking, as Helen Duffet points out on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Here is Jenny Jones, Green MLA and London Mayoral candiate, on the subject:
“Although this is not a victimless crime it is not something we should be spending a huge amount of time on,” she said.

“There are murders, child abductions and rapes that these officers could be investigating. All these people have to do is not use the voicemail facility on their phone and they will never be hacked again. At a time when resources are so stretched this investigation, for me, should be pretty low on the agenda.”
In Cameron's defence he was speaking in 2009 and had Andy Coulson to defend. Jones, incredibly, made those remarks in June of this year.

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