Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Six of the Best 173

Mark Valladares, writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, is critical of the Lib Dems' English Party: "From defining the time allowed to deal with disciplinary cases, to establishing a framework for the recognition of council groups, from mandatory tithing to restricting the rights of candidates to campaign in selections, the English Liberal Democrats have been hard at work, often producing guidance that would be difficult to absorb by well-organised, enthusiastic Local Parties with lots of volunteers to share the load, but are an appalling burden to small, struggling ones."

Caroline Woodbridge is aghast at plans to ban buses from the centre of Southwold.

Happier transport news from Cambridgeshire, where Meldreth and Shepdreth (two of my favourite station names) are celebrating their 160th birthday and Foxton its 163rd: "Free ice cream will be served at all three stations by Gocold, a business situated at Meldreth Sidings," reports Focus on Bar Hill.

Alex Foster at Niles's Blog risks expulsion from Nottingham by admitting that he has never read Alan Sillitoe.

Andy Boddington at 24dash.com introduces us to the reality of living with bad neighbours: "The rowdiness began last October when the tenant upstairs invited her boyfriend to stay. I knocked on their door and complained about the noise and complained the next day, time and time again. But he simply squared up to me saying he could make as much noise as “he” wants up to eleven in the evening—if only it stopped at eleven rather than 4am or as today 7am! This not simply Saturday night noise. The level of anti-social behaviour is never related to the day of the week, only I suspect to the availability of money for booze and drugs."

NitrateVille pays tribute to Sgt John Sweet, American star of A Canterbury Tale.


Niles said...

Thanks for the link.

I'd never have written that like that if I were still a councillor :)

Anonymous said...

Actually "Shepreth"