Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Six of the Best 172

Liberal Democrat councillor Kathy Pollard celebrates the departure of Andrea Hill from Suffolk County Council: "In a county where half the population earn less than £17,500 a salary of £218k was always going to be unacceptable to the majority."

"His foreign policy was very much geared not to Empire, but to doing the right thing. Gladstone felt he had been put into this position by God, and so he had to pursue these policies even if they meant political failure, as it certainly did in terms of Ireland." Greg Garrett interviews Peter Francis, Warden of Gladstone's Library, on Patheos.

The Badger Trust says that an English badger cull would be a reckless gamble, reports Peter Black.

How to be a Retronaut has Scotland Yard's first surveillance photographs. Taken in 1912, they are of suffragettes. Our picture here shows Mary Raleigh Richardson.

"Conran recognized that the now servantless middle classes wanted elegant but low-maintenance housewares: cutlery that did not need endless polishing; tables that looked good without tablecloths; earthenware dishes that went straight from the oven to the dinner table; and new cooking utensils like the Wok which allowed meals to be prepared in minutes." Joe Moran mourns the demise of Habitat.

IanVisits heard Dan Cruickshank speak about how Spitalfields has changed since he moved to the area in 1977.

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